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President Donald Trump is being degraded

By-from around the web

President Donald Trump's hidden agenda is being carried out by attacking and undermining every aspect of the cultural, religious and patriotic values of western nations especially – all the moral and Christian values, the traditional family, the normal relationship between men and women itself. The use of massive controlled migration also exacerbates the psychological and sociological cluster bombing that is occurring by design.

It’s also being done through the increased indoctrination of children and young people in our schools and colleges, through leadership training in public and private partnerships and beyond, and through the constant feeding of cultural narratives and new ‘norms’ in mainstream popular culture-in news, films, music, gaming, social media and television. Perhaps people have forgotten how simple it is to just switch things off and stop looking and listening at the things being constantly fed to us.

Deep bigotry and persecution…



In a dystopian near-future Los Angeles, residents live under a regime of military occupation by an organization known as the Transitional Authority. The Authority serves an extraterrestrial group referred to as the "Hosts", about whom little is known. The symbol of the collaborating forces features stylized birds of prey, or raptors, which gives rise to their nickname, the "Raps". The Authority enforces Host policy via militarized police called Homeland Security and nicknamed the "Redhats".

The Hosts took control on a day known simply as the "Arrival". Late that day, massive rectangular blocks descended from the sky, linking together to build walls dividing the city. One of these walls, 20 to 30 stories tall, many meters thick, and many miles in length, surrounds the central part of Los Angeles, where the series is set. Other similar walls have been constructed around neighbouring urban areas, called "blocs", with the w…

This is The End Game! Storm is Coming 2019-2020

By theUnderground (from around the web)

People need to understand the threat is at their doorstep. It’s not a few years off or a decade away; it’s here now. We are right in the middle of collapse.

The appearance of prosperity means nothing if the fundamentals do not support the optimism.

Most people simply don’t understand the gravity of the situation.  Nothing was ever fixed after the last financial crisis.  Instead, we went on the greatest debt binge that humanity has ever seen, and central banks started creating trillions of dollars out of thin air and recklessly injected that hot money into the financial system.

Our financial system is based on a pyramid of debt, and we have allowed Wall Street to operate like a giant casino.  Our entire economy has essentially become a colossal Ponzi scheme.

Debt brings consumption from the future into the present, and so it increases short-term economic activity at the expense of long-term financial health.

Here we all are; stuck tog…

Illinois AG finds 500 more Catholic clergy accused of abuse


Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Wednesday issued a blistering report about clergy sexual abuse, saying that Catholic dioceses in Illinois has not released the names of at least 500 clergy accused of sexually abusing children.

The preliminary report found that the church's six archdioceses have done a woefully inadequate job of investigating allegations and in some cases did not investigate them at all or notify the state's child welfare agency. Madigan's office said that while the dioceses have disclosed 45 more names of those credibly accused, the total number of names disclosed is only 185 and raises questions about the church's response to the crisis.

"By choosing not to thoroughly investigate allegations, the Catholic Church has failed in its moral obligation to provide survivors, parishioners and the public a complete and accurate accounting of all sexually inappropriate behavior involving priests in Illinois," Madigan said …

Prophecy Watch: The Anti-Christ

By Nathan Jones

Some naturally figure that in order for the Jewish people to rebuild their temple, some kind of peace would have to exist between Israel and the Muslim world. As long as the Muslims are dominating the Temple Mount, and would unify to annihilate Israel if the Israelis ever attempted to rebuild their temple there, then some paradigm has to change that would grant Israel permission.

I believe the War of Gog and Magog as described in Ezekiel 38-39 is what changes that paradigm. Timing indicators would place that epic war between the God of Israel and the Russian-Islamic coalition just before or at the onset of the Tribulation. God steps in and supernaturally destroys both Russian and Islamic armies and nations, which would most decisively end the Islamic threat.
Imagine a world where Russia and Islam are no longer. America and China both annihilated in nuclear war. A new superpower, Israel, and its leader would rise to step into the power vacuum. That leader w…

Woman Who Climbed Statue of Liberty to Protest Family Separation Found Guilty

By Kimberly Truong, The Cut

Therese Patricia Okoumou, the woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty on July 4 in protest of Trump’s immigration policies, has been found guilty on charges of disorderly conduct, trespassing, and interfering with government agency functions.
At a Manhattan federal court on Monday, Judge Gabriel Gorenstein convicted Okoumou on all three charges, which collectively could send her to jail for up to 18 months. As ABC7 New York reports, she will be sentenced on March 5. She pleaded not guilty.

Okoumou had made the climb up the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July to protest President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. She came to Liberty Island as part of the organization Rise and Resist, which hung up a banner that read “Abolish ICE.” Okoumou was arrested after a three-hour standoff with police.

“Trump has wrecked this country apart. It is depressing, it is outrageous,” she said after being released on her own recognizance in July. “I ca…