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Black horse of the Apocalypse Now Riding Across America

The Black horse represents a period gloom and despair, as the Americans suffered under excessive taxes that were needed to pay for wars.

The black horse represents the despair and gloom of the American people, as they were taxed excessively to pay for all of the wars, which caused a major economic depression.

As the taxes increased, the burden got heavier on the people and they were ground down and they suffered as the economy declined.

The agricultural industry was ruined under this heavy taxation, which lead to famine.  People moved away from the farmlands into the cities, where they would suffer from the famine.

…the decay of trade and industry was not a cause of America’s fall. There was a decline in agriculture and land was withdrawn from cultivation, in some cases on a very large scale, sometimes as a direct result of the beef industry.

However, the chief cause of the agricultural decline was high tariffs on imports/exports.

Third Seal Of Revelation 6

Donald J Trump is …

God's seven year, world-wide famine

God is kind of like a homicidal Energizer bunny. He keeps killing, and killing, and killing...

This one is all about Joseph. There's a whole series of stupid Joseph stories in Genesis: Jacob loved Joseph more than his other children (Genesis 37.3); Joseph's brothers throw him in a well (37.24); Joseph is rescued from the well and sold to the Ishmaelites (37.28); Joseph goes to prison after being falsely accused of rape (39.20); Joseph interprets the dream of his cellmate (40.8-19); Joseph interprets the Pharaoh's dream (41.25-32); the Pharaoh makes Joseph the overseer of all of Egypt (41.33).

The Bible isn't too clear on this, but as near as I can tell, God starved everyone on earth so that Joseph could become the most powerful person in Egypt by interpreting the Pharaoh's dream so that God could get the Israelites enslaved by Pharaoh and then rescue them by sending plagues on the Egyptians. Or something like that.

OK. That all makes perfect sense. But what w…