Black horse of the Apocalypse Now Riding Across America

The Black horse represents a period gloom and despair, as the Americans suffered under excessive taxes that were needed to pay for wars.

The black horse represents the despair and gloom of the American people, as they were taxed excessively to pay for all of the wars, which caused a major economic depression.

As the taxes increased, the burden got heavier on the people and they were ground down and they suffered as the economy declined.

The agricultural industry was ruined under this heavy taxation, which lead to famine.  People moved away from the farmlands into the cities, where they would suffer from the famine.

…the decay of trade and industry was not a cause of America’s fall. There was a decline in agriculture and land was withdrawn from cultivation, in some cases on a very large scale, sometimes as a direct result of the beef industry.

However, the chief cause of the agricultural decline was high tariffs on imports/exports.

Third Seal Of Revelation 6

Donald J Trump is riding the White House on a black horse with a pair of handcuffs around his tiny wrist. Jesus repeatedly warned his followers to be on the alert because false messiahs would come in his name (Matthew 24:5, 24, 42-43, 25:13, Mark 13:33). He expected them to watch and discern the signs of the times. He rebuked those who could not (Matthew 16:2-3).

The Apostle John warned a counterfeit messiah would appear in the last days. So we have been warned. Now the hour has come. The false messiah is here.

America, the land that we love, that our forefathers fought for, the strongest nation on earth, has been handed over to him without a fight.

Where are the watchmen? Where are the alarms? They are silent. The only sound is the sound of the horse’s huffs hitting the ground as the rider rides on.

Instead of sounding the alarm many of God’s people are actually embracing him, celebrating his arrival, and calling him a blessing from God. This is the spiritual blindness of America.

This is not the time to celebrate. The rider is not a blessing from God. He is from hell. He is the spirit of antichrist. He has come to steal our wealth, kill our children, and destroy our land.

We know about the latest movies, the latest television programs, the latest sports events, the latest celebrity gossip, the latest church programs, but most know nothing about this rider. What rider?

What horse? What are you talking about? Are you crazy?

So he rides on with no resistance

This imposter comes ahead of the true messiah attempting to steal the glory that rightly belongs to another. He masquerades in the pomp and majesty of this horse, a symbol of conquest, arrogantly presenting himself as the messiah, the savior of the world, but he is a liar and a deceiver.

He comes to receive a crown, to rule over a nation, but that is only a stepping-stone toward his ultimate goal of ruling over the world and being worshiped by the world.

He continues his conquest until all voices of opposition are silenced, until there is no one left standing in his way. How could anyone look at an arrogant liar and see a humble man of integrity?

He is not trying to help the American people, but to destroy them. None of his plans have any regard for anyone else. It is all about him and only him. He is an arrogant egotistical narcissist, a truly despicable character just like his father.

He is seeking to fulfill his mission, doing exactly what Daniel warned he would do. He has already taken many actions against our nation.

Since Trump took office, he has already caused far more devastation around the world than any President in U.S. history, and he is just getting warmed up. As a devoted disciple of Henry Kissinger's, Trump plans to use chaos as a means of gaining more power and control for himself. All of these actions are just stepping stones to his ultimate goal of ruling the world.

The prophet Daniel saw the antichrist will have mighty strength and power, but it will not come from himself (Daniel 8:24).

Now the rider is taking action against Venezuela and Iran. Through sanctions and hostile actions he is now leading the world to the brink of war between the United States, Venezuela, China, Russia and Iran, preparing the way for the entrance of the next demonic spirit of antichrist, the rider on the pale horse, which will be released when the next seal is broken. To him it will be granted to take peace from the earth and that men would slay one another; and a great sword will be given to him (Revelation 6).

I can understand why the world is blind because they have rejected the light so they are in the dark. They don’t believe the Bible so obviously they don’t believe any of these things are real.

What doesn’t make sense is why millions of Christians still want this man to be their leader. What also doesn’t make sense is why Christian leaders who see what is going on refuse to speak up for fear of offending people. Pastors refuse to address this topic with their church members because some people don’t want to hear it. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep, but these pastors are not good shepherds. They are hirelings concerned only with their own power and position. They are willing to lead their flock to the slaughter just to protect their own interests.

So that narrows it down to a small remnant of believers who see what is happening and are willing to take action. This small remnant is the only hope for our nation and the world because through them the Lord will advance His kingdom in the earth. Although they are few in number they are well trained and well equipped, not with weapons of this world, but with spiritual weapons, which are mighty through God for pulling down the strongholds of the enemy.

They know the rider is here. They are aware of his schemes, but they will not submit to him and will not be silent. Instead they will expose him for all to see. By doing so they will snatch many from his evil grip and destroy his power over them. As a result, many will come to the Lord and be saved. The greatest harvest of souls this world has ever known is just ahead.

This end-time army is now arising throughout the earth. They are being prepared for the greatest showdown in history. They are being refined, cleaned up, and purified to be made ready for the Master’s use.

The battle has already begun. The darkness is already falling, but in the midst of the darkness the glory of God will arise on His holy ones and they will do great exploits unlike anything this world has ever seen (Isaiah 60).

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